When you choose to stay at Gudhjem Hostel you are situated right in the center of Gudhjem. The harbor environment is less than 50m from the hostel and the main street is right in front of the hostel. Gudhjem is by far the most charming fishing village on the east coast. From the harbor and its surrounding rocks you can see the Bokul rock that rises very steeply towards the highway and the impressive bridge over Holkadalen.

The houses are placed nearby each other close to the bedrock many of them have distinctive garden terraces shaped by nature.

The street scene is charming with the sheer and twisted streets, well-kept houses, exciting shops and a southern fertility that is due to the rocks ability to save the warmth it absorbs during the day.

This also means that the summer lasts longer on Bornholm. It gives the certain plants great growth opportunities, especially plants that normally do not grow on these latitudes such as fig trees, mulberry trees and other exotic plants.

The special location with the small well-kept houses, the high light over the coast and the southern atmosphere made Gudhjem a very popular place for painters. On a tour through Gudhjem you will often experience the painters performing their art.

Gudhjem has around 800 inhabitants that live here all-year. You can easily go shopping in Gudhjem – it has grocery stores, bakery, a herring smokehouse (the first one on the island in terms of smoked herring), hairdresser, public swimming bath, different art stores with everything from glassworks to ceramics, a cinema as well as restaurants and cafes.

There is around 500m to the public swimming bath that also has a sauna, solarium and a 40m long slide.

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